Bodegas Menade and Chocolates Juan Ruiz invite you to learn and experience the history and production techniques of two quite diverse Rueda producers, each on the go now for more than a hundred years. Our friends at Juan Ruiz have machinery dating back to 1918 and will switch them on specially for you so that you can make your very own tablet of chocolate a la taza – the dark chocolate that forms the basis of true, thick, old-style Spanish hot chocolate – exactly as it was done in olden times.


10.00. Visit the Juan Ruiz Chocolate Factory and take part in a chocolate making workshop.

12.00. Visit Bodegas Menade, its vineyards and installations, and indulge in a mixed wine and chocolate tasting.

30€ per person

Please note:

We can cater for a mínimum of 12 and a maximum of 30.

Any children attending will be offered unfermented grape must – rather than wine – to accompany the chocolate.

Once again please check well ahead for availability: