Fresh, fruity,… to enjoy without complex


The drive to make new wines, to return to traditional production methods and to take advantage of all the resources that the grape provides, has led us to launch a new range, different from our white wines, which are marketed under the Clandestino by Menade brand.

Clandestino Tinto has found its moment and, by popular acclamation, has become part of the Menade family. Now it is called Nossa, the brother of his natural white wine Nosso.

In our quest to personify the fauna of Finca Menade, we have chosen a typical bird from our region, whose presence is very beneficial both for humans and for the vineyard, as it is insectivorous, its diet is based on capturing insects and of other small invertebrates. The Eurasian Hoopoe represents the agility and the great aromatic palette of Nossa.