100% Tempranillo, farmed along natural organic lines and from prephylloxeric, low yield bush vines in Toro that are over 100 years old.



Manual / hand picked.

Alcoholic fermentation

Maceration and alcoholic fermentation are effected in small stainless steel tanks: a process that takes between 12 and 25 days. Subsequent malolactic fermentation is spontaneous – ie. neither forced nor encouraged – on the basis of naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria. We do indulge in a little, gentle cap-plunging/punching but not much as we’re not fans of over- extraction and this is a robust and very savoury grape variety. No sulphur is employed.


Clarification is effected with gelatine plant-base, stabilization by chilling to low temperatures, and filtration is with natural cellulose.



Intense purple with elements of violet.


There’s a wildness here: powerful, tangy cherry and blueberry fruits enmeshed with almost piquant spice – black pepper predominating – and a pronounced earthiness.


Accordingly rich in flavour, with considerable depth, and red fruits to the fore. Balanced, nonetheless, with surprisingly gentle tannins which make for a wine that’s firm, rounded, harmonious and fresh.