Fresh wines for summer

  We’re going through tough times, but at Menade, as well as being optimistic, we provide bottled happiness through our wines. Our recommendations for these summer months are: Menade Sauvignon The Sauvignon Blanc variety from our land offers aromas of stone fruits, with tropical and citrus notes. The climate


We’re currently in the second phase of ozone treatment: a novel process that we’ve been utilizing now for some 2 years.   We’ve also - in order to clean our soils -had our intercepas on the go. This is basically a high tech weeder with an electro hydraulic

New vintages of Nosso and Clandestino Tinto

  Nosso 2019 is ever so fine, delightfully expressive, pleasingly ripe and satisfyingly dense; subtle however, yet quite serious and altogether unctuous. Clandestino Tinto 2019 brims, as ever, with primary red and black fruits and most attractive floral notes.   Both now released, a little detail for you: Of Nosso ‘I’m

On-line Tastings/Training/Info + Education

  Given the unfortunate, ever graver spread of the wretched Coronavirus and with so many of us duly confined, we’re pleased to offer you a selection of upbeat online options.   By the same token we’re sorry to say that for the time being all visits have been

First impressions of the 2019 Vintage

We finished harvesting on September 24th, the last grapes picked our centenary Verdeja, and from a technical standpoint our fruit was exceptionally healthy. Unfortunately, however, given such sparse rainfall during the vegetative cycle, production was 30 to 40% down on last year.   Oenologist Richard says ‘we decided

vinedo Menadespunte

Controlling yields

With flowering complete, fruit set at Menade culminated in the best of conditions. This is of course also an important time for green harvesting and so the vineyard team have been busy methodically working their way through parcel by parcel in order to ultimately achieve

Enoturismo Menade

Innovative Enotourism at Menade

  Summer is the perfect time for wine tourism, as vineyards at this time of year are a veritable feast for the senses, with  vibrant colours and a multiplicity of fauna and flora.   Add therefore the bonus of learning about the history of our family, now in

Nosso & Clandestino 2018 now out

  The end of Spring saw the welcome release of our new Nosso, from a vintage notable for heavy rains during the maturation period; and Marco is particularly pleased that as a result all our wines – and Nosso in particular – are extremely lively, fresh,