The asparagus season is approaching

The asparagus season is approaching. A vegetable that is not easily matched with wine unless it is introduced with a dressing. It is recommended to serve this vegetable accompanied by something which can compensate the intense herbaceous aromas and final bitter taste commonly found in green and white asparagus. We have two options which work well in this scenario: La Burra and Nosso.

If the asparagus are green, matching them with beer is a perfect option. La Burra is a refreshing beer which is yeasty and has enough structure to be matched with green grilled asparagus. La Burra’s pine cone aroma and roasted scents are well suited to the vegetable’s flavour.


If your option is the white asparagus which has a watery texture, a voluminous and smooth wine or beer is a must. Nosso is ideal for this, a well-balanced wine where the acidity and bitterness contrasts well with the asparagus.

More than anything else, the most important thing is to share and enjoy our wines with our friends and customers.