170717_Menade_Marco Sanz_0Z6A0581
Marco Sanz
Favourite Wine: Nosso.

The ‘Panoramix’ of our vineyards, inspired by and finding wisdom in the old ways. Possessed of more energy than a nuclear reactor though he would no doubt be horrified by the comparison!

Menade is his dream come true.

170717_Menade_Alejandra Sanz_0Z6A0716
Alejandra Sanz
Favourite wine: Menade Verdejo.

As the old adage has it, “more than worth her weight in gold”.  Bright, lively, polished, international, and always up for an adventure.

Menade is her project of  life.

170717_Menade_Richard Sanz_0Z6A0794
Richard Sanz
Favourite wine: La Misión (and please God may there be enough).

Our cuddly wild man. Restless, seething with ideas, non-conformist and breaker of barriers for whom there is always another horizon.

For him Menade is everything.

Juan José Calvo
La Misión

Serious coffee-lover and wine aficionado, though not necessarily in this order. Diplomacy and elegance incarnate.

With Menade since 2012.

Eleonora Infuso

Italian passport holder, lover of Asia, and seriously into Zen. A devoted swimmer.

With Menade since 2016.

Equipo de personas trabajando en bodegas Menade, trabajadores Menade, Menade y las personas
José Javier Lechuga
Dulce Menade

All heart. A joker but eminently huggable.

With Menade since 2017.

Karim Isphahani

We could not be a better ambassador than someone who loves our wines.

With Menade since 2019.

Rosa González

The queen of dynamic tables: there’s ultimately nothing she can’t sort with Excel.

With Menade since 2013.

Javier Bayón
Menade Verdejo

Our ‘Lord of languages’, nothing fazes him and he’s just sailed through the Advanced Level of ‘Spanglish’ with Merit.

With Menade since 2016.

Marta González
Dulce Menade

Always cold, even in the scorching summer sun, she does nonetheless understand that the best coat is actually a glass of wine.

With Menade since 2010.

Ana Aguado
Menade Verdejo

Another foundation stone: indeed when she first joined us that was the only physical evidence that we’d imminently be housed somewhere as building had not yet atarted. Specializes in concentrating on the down side of things but with a little cajoling is quick to see the bright side and contribute major positive waves.

With Menade since 2007.

170428_Menade_Jose?u?_bodega__W2I3130 (Conflicto de codificacio?n Unicode)
José Manuel Chico
Menade Verdejo

Our multi-tasker, and effectively MANAGER to the extent that he’s an integral part of our physical and spiritual foundation.

With Menade since 2007.

170428_Menade_Sandra_eno?u?loga__W2I3295 (Conflicto de codificacio?n Unicode)
Sandra Ocariz

Captain of the female El Salvador Rugby Club, one of her additional roles is to receive visitors. This she does with the most wonderful smile; and in general she plays ‘good cop’ to Ana’s ‘bad cop’.

With Menade since 2016.

Paco López
La Misión

Our very own in-house radio station/town crier who greets us all each morning with a personalized song of welcome. Not keen on photos.

With Menade since 2009.

170428_Menade_Valenti?u?n_W2I3291 (Conflicto de codificacio?n Unicode)
Vasile Grigoroaea
Menade Verdejo

This is our self-confessed Mr. Grumpy, who while projecting the image of a grouch is actually a total sweetie pie with a heart of gold.

With Menade since 2009.

Javier Nieto

Our ‘Don Perfecto’, who ensures that not a single bottle leaves our facilities unless it looks immaculate and all is ship shape.

With Menade since 2016.

Ioana Axinte
Dulce Menade

Always with a smile on the face, she’s ready for any task so that the winery is perfect.

With Menade since 2018.

170428_Menade_Toma?u?s_W2I3539 (Conflicto de codificacio?n Unicode)

Together with his workmate Bernard are super reminiscent of Oliver & Benji of the 1980s Japanese Captain Tsubasa football association manga series – with the former exercising the role of the famous tenacious and determined striker.

With Menade since 2011.

Dulce Menade

For his part, fulfils the role of charismatic and decisive goalkeeper Benji.

With Menade since 2016.

Tudor Dumitru
Menade Verdejo

Gently laid-back and always with a smile, his role is that of Maintenance Head of our insect hotel.

With Menade since 2007.

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