4 pairings to enjoy during the holidays


You have probably spent weeks planning the menus for these holidays, trying out new recipes, revamping traditional family dishes or respecting the classics.


Everything is almost ready. Almost. Because a wine can enhance a meal, but it can also ruin it or simply not contribute. You also have to consider choosing wines that all diners will like. And of course, one to surprise the typical brother-in-law.


Menade’s young wines from the 2021 vintage have just hit the market and that is why we want to give you some ideas to help you succeed.


Menade Sauvignon -a perfect appetizer

The perfect starter to the meal. To be enjoying whilst finishing the cooking, while the table is being prepared, while the guests arrive, when welcoming them in… Some canapés would be the perfect accompaniment to our dry wine made with Sauvignon Blanc. Carpaccio, cheese or smoked? Yes please.


Menade Verdejo -excellent with seafood

Prawns, spider crabs, crayfish, mussels, oysters … anything from the sea. Seafood has always had a place at the Christmas table. Both Menade Sauvignon and Menade Verdejo are perfect wines to accompany seafood, but we opted for the second in its 2021 vintage. The reason is that this vintage presents a fairly powerful palate and has a salty finish that will enhance the taste of the ‘sea’.


Nosso -perfect for vegetables, soups and rice dishes.

Who has not already eaten the typical red cabbage with apple or vichyssoise at parties? Or a risotto? The umami flavors pair fantastically with Nosso. Vegetables, as well as wild mushrooms are allies of our natural Verdejo. In addition, in the 2021 vintage, 10% of the wine has undergone malolactic fermentation in barrels, which gives it an extra power.


La Misión perfect for meat and fish with rich sauce dishes.

We arrive at the main course, in our land, is usually roasted lamb or fish in a rich sauce (or both). The Mission is, without a doubt, the wine. Whites with fish? It has long been proven that whites with body and power are much more pleasant with fatty meats than an astringent red, for example, because the acidity cleanses and refreshes the palate. If you have an old vintage at home, open and savour the pleasure.


At Menade we enjoy all wines and hope these pairing ideas help you.


We Drink to health and happiness!º