We seek to return to Mother Nature what mankind stole from her


Our aim is to blend tradition and technology in order that our vines be molycoddled: to be in tune with our environment and the natural orders of things on the basis of getting the best out of both worlds – high tech on the one hand and proven, age old practical cultural traditions on the other.


While the insect population of the planet is fast disappearing thanks to the use of chemical products, here at Menade it has increased by 30%. Should you agree with us that future generations should enjoy them, adopt an insect and be a positive bug freak.


Our on-going mobile tree project consists of towing a variety of different tree species into different vineyard parcels. Planted on trailers some 3 meters high, the objective is to see how they adjust to their individual destinations, where we monitor them to assess where and how their eventual presence might prove most beneficial on a potentially permanent basis.


We want our soils to be alive, and, for this reason, make a big thing of extensive but carefully managed plant cover as we consider it essential that our vineyards be a fertile haven and repository for flora and fauna to co-exist harmoniously. Our small adjoining farm area – populated by a lively repertoire of donkeys, chickens and geese (all of whom, with of course minor frictions, seem to get on famously) – is an extension of this.

The 6th Generation


Vinos ecológicos, vinos orgánicos, vinos ecológicos

This trio may often be found meandering the rocky paths in and around the estate. They are respectful of and faithful to their special environment, and in conjunction with their closely-knit team have managed to recover and reinstate the scenic biodiversity of a Castilla y León much punished by recent climatic factors but ill served for too long by widespread and slovenly inattentiveness.

“The odds against us may be major but our mission statement is that we’re going back to Nature, respect, and the right way of doing things”


Verdejo & Sauvignon


La Mision
Sauvignon Ecológico
Sweet Sauvignon