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Adorado (solera 1900) Secala – Menade 1820


A tribute to tradition.

“Adorado was born back in 1967, when wine was considered a food item, when it told the stories of the winegrowers of the Rueda region and when the vineyard was but a tangle of old Verdeja vines. Every year it received a small elixir of youth, under a layer of flor, within the criaderas and soleras system. With time, it became rancid, oxidised, but there lies its greatness. Adorado is the wine of our grandfathers, fathers, children… Of the Sanz family”.

Adorado is a wine with biological and oxidative ageing, from a 1900 solera, created in the historic winery of the Sanz Family in Secala-Menade 1820 with the most spartan of technologies, our hands.

Our ancestors made this type of wine in concrete tanks located in the cellars, where, a layer of flor was formed naturally because of the constancy in humidity and temperature throughout the year. After the required time in these tanks, the wine was taken out and the fourth criadera was topped up.

In 1967, this system was halted because of a flood in Secala-Menade 1820. The solera ’travelled’ from one family winery to another… to Medina, Rueda, back to La Seca… until in 2018, Richard reactivated the criadera system but with his own take on it: the wine with which it was topped up, was made from Verdejo grapes from hundred-year-old vines, aged for about a year in earthenware jars under a layer of flor.

For Adorado, the grapes are harvested somewhat late, so that the grapes have a higher alcohol content and isn’t fortified. The layer of flor is generated naturally and never disappears.



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