Both our vineyards as well as our wines have been awarded the European Organic Viticulture Certification.

At Menade there is an alliance with nature, a symbiosis to encourage the growth of life in the surrounding ecosystems in order that the fauna and flora facilitate the prevention of fungal diseases.

Our obsession is to have living soil and balanced plants. We are committed to the growth of plant cover, both natural and planted, in order to maintain the soil’s water resources, preserve biodiversity and fight against desertification.

We use ozone in the vineyard which is water (H2O) but with one more molecule of oxygen (O3), an effective disinfectant, that is 100% natural, completely non invasive, and which does not produce residues. We use the sexual confusion technique to fight against the attack of the grape moth.

At Menade we are restless and we continue to research the improvement into respectful viticulture.

Menade’s farm

We have pollination gardens in different locations in the vineyard, with the aim of creating reservoirs of useful fauna or ‘insect hotels’.

The Menade Farm is a vital project aimed at populating the Menade Estate with animals, not only insects, but also mammals and birds: there is a family of Zamoran breed donkeys, geese, roosters, hens, peacocks, dogs…