Winegrowers since 1820

Six generations dedicated to wine

Bodegas Menade was founded in 2005 by the Sanz brothers.

Sons of Antonio Sanz, a leading enologist and a pioneer of the Rueda Denomination of Origin, the Sanz brothers, are the sixth generation of a family who has dedicated itself to wine.

The family history really began in 1820, when the ancestors of the Sanz brothers cultivated vines in the area.

They did not only work the vineyards, the family was also made up of wine barrel sellers and merchants, as well as other trades linked to the wine industry.

Richard Sanz, the current owner, is in charge of winemaking, which he does using his extensive experience, courage, intuition and sensitivity.

by secala

Secala-Menade 1820

The wines were made in what has been christened as ‘Secala-Menade 1820’, an underground cellar that was dug out of the rock at the beginning of the 19th century. It is located in the historic centre of the village of La Seca, from where the Sanz family originated. 

The modern installations, based in Finca Menade in Rueda, have been designed to reduce its environmental impact. The roof of the building has an installation of photovoltaic solar panels that self generate  the majority of the energy used. The objective at Menade is to produce zero waste.