4 tasty ideas from the Ruta del Vino de Rueda for 4 Menade wines

How we love autumn! The coolness of the morning, the smell of wet earth, the midday sun and the colours of the vineyard….


We also love the gastronomy of this time of year and that is why we propose four pairings with typical products from the Rueda Wine Route.




If there is a product that we can boast of in our land, it is cheese (and wine??). The most common  are made from raw sheep’s milk, as the sheep are grazing nearby.. Sobrenatural is a very gastronomic wine that will give allow you to harmonize with different cheeses, with different ages and styles; washed rinds, smoked …




Autumn is the mycological wild mushroom season in all its glory, and we can assure you that Adorado is the ideal wine to accompany a plate of chanterelles or níscalos, a rice with mushrooms or a scrambled eggs with boletus; as it will accentuate the umami flavor.


It also pairs perfectly with spoon dishes, such as Pedrosilla chickpeas or the now classic Pardin lentils with Richard’s foie gras.


Duo Blanc:


For dessert? Now is the time to aid your digestion with the sparkling Dúo Rosé, aged for 36 months. A pumpkin sponge cake, mantecados (butter biscuits) or the classic zapatillas biscuits with this sparkling wine will be the perfect finishing touch to the meal.


Duo Rosé:


There is no better way to end the afternoon than at La Cantina by Menade, where the colours of the sunset pair perfectly with our sparkling wine in its pink version, made with Tempranillo and Verdejo. If you are one of the brave, you can always ask our colleagues to serve it to you ’en porrón’.


Remember that you can book your visit to Menade through the web and try some of our suggestions.