Throughout summer there are many ways to make plans in fresh air, with a wine of course.

Get your backpack and icebox ready and sign up for these great activities to go with the 5 wines from Bodegas Menade.


1. Fresno el Viejo Zoo and Menade Verdejo.

Did you know that in the village of Freso el Viejo there is a very exotic zoo? It´s called Era de las Aves (The Age of the Birds) yet there are not only birds but reptiles, turtles and mammals too.

You will meet Paco the Llama, Zipi and Zape the skunks, the Vietnamese pig Panceta and Cosme the racoon.

This park organizes loads of summer activities for kids and you can camp there too. But, best of all, you can enjoy a glass of Menade Verdejo or a mosto (grape juice) along with your activities.


2. Bird watching and Menade Sweet Wine

If you like animals and especially birds, you can complement the previous activity with a walk through the Alcornocal de Valdegalindo and the Nava pine forest, two wooded areas located very close to the winery.

Don´t forget your binoculars so you can observe the fauna that inhabits these places. A shaded area is the perfect site to take a break and enjoy a glass of Dulce Menade with local products, such as blue cheese or the famous “zapatillas” (pasta).


3. Castillo de la Mota and Menade Sauvignon in the Plaza Mayor of Medina del Campo

On the Rueda Wine Route, you can find some of the most important examples of Mudejar art in the region. One of them is the Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo, which is definitely worth a visit.

This town is one of the most dynamic in the area. This is evident in its lively Plaza Mayor and the number of bars where you can have delicious tapas. An ideal place to enjoy our Menade Sauvignon!


4. Picnic with Nosso in the Riberas de Castronuño

One of our favourite places locally is the Riberas de Castronuño Nature Reserve.

You can go hiking and bike riding or just enjoy the fauna that lives there … And if you are very hot? You can cool off at the river beach of the San Jose Reservoir.

This type of experience is well accompanied with our natural Verdejo, Nosso. The recreation area is another ideal location to organize a picnic.


5. Relax in the Balneario de Olmedo with La Misión

Olmedo is another of the Mudejar towns that are part of the Rueda Wine Route and worth spending a day there.

If you want to relax, we can recommend booking in at the Olmedo Spa, also built in the Mudejar style, where thermal water pools, a relaxing spa circuit and a wide range of treatments are offered.

There is nothing better after a massage than enjoying the peace that our La Misión wine transmits. Try it leisurely and you will see how it opens up little by little becoming more and more expressive. It’s a great plan!


If you liked this article about activities on the Rueda Wine Route harmonized with our wines, share it! And we will offer more ideas so that you can get to know our land.


Health and happiness!