Autumn release of ‘Adorado’


Autumn is the second moment in the year in which we release Adorado, one of the wines with which we make an homage to our family´s origin.


It really is a perfect moment to enjoy these styles of wine (when isn’t?) as they pair phenomenally well with seasonal dishes using mushrooms, game dishes, soups and purées and roasts.


As I am sure you are aware, Adorado is a wine with biological and oxidative ageing, proceeding from a solera system dating back to the 1900s, created in the historical cellars of the Sanz family in La Seca (Secala-Menade 1820) using the most austere technology… our hands.


Our ancestors elaborated this type of wine in the deposits situated in the caves where, naturally, the ´velo de flor´ is created (biological ageing) due to the consistently humid conditions and constant mild temperatures throughout the year.


After a period in the deposits, the wine is removed and proceeds with the crianza phase.


In 1967, this process was halted due to a flood in Secala-Menade 1820. The solera ‘travelled’ from one family bodega to another… Medina, Rueda and again to La Seca, until the brothers again restarted the system of crianza in 2005, but with their own interpretation.


Every year Adorado receives a small amount of late harvest Verdejo and Palomino to rejuvenate the wine so that a decent volume of alcohol is achieved without fortifying. The flor develops naturally and remains on the wine.


You can find Adorado in 75 cl, magnum and in demijohn formats, a classic container for the conservation and transport of wine. We recommend keeping them in constant temperature conditions (between 8º and 14º), away from direct light, to ensure their stability and avoid organoleptic alterations.