All the sensations and forecasts estimated in the vineyard, became a reality in the winery. The harvest was shorter than usual, but thanks to the great effort of the viticulture team, magnificent healthy grapes have entered the winery.


At Menade. we are committed to spontaneous fermentations, that is, those that are carried out with native yeasts, which are found naturally in the bloom on the grape´s skin.


 “The aromatic level is spectacular due, above all, to a mild summer”, explains the family, who also explains that “the analytical parameters of acidity and PH are better than expected”.


We prefer the cooler years for our wines. “The wines show promise. They have tension, a good structure and great potential”, explain the Sanz brothers.


Dulce Menade, the first wine of 2021 vintage


The first wine to leave the winery, on October 1, will be Dulce Menade. This is due to its production process, in which the alcoholic fermentation is shortened by cooling the must to preserve it´s natural sugar and conserve a good acidity.


As of October 1, you will be able to try Dulce Menade 2021, it will be available in our online store and you will have the opportunity to try it at La Cantina by Menade.