New vintages of Nosso and Clandestino Tinto


Nosso 2019 is ever so fine, delightfully expressive, pleasingly ripe and satisfyingly dense; subtle however, yet quite serious and altogether unctuous.

Clandestino Tinto 2019 brims, as ever, with primary red and black fruits and most attractive floral notes.


Both now released, a little detail for you:

Of Nosso

‘I’m really pleased with this new release, as it was such a dry year with yields even lower than in 2018 and it reflects the major efforts of our vineyard team who pulled out all the stops in seriously difficult conditions’.

No easy vintage, the Verdeja that we employ for this was the very first to be picked in order to ensure its freshness and vibrantly natural hallmark acidity.

´You can see my comments above,’ concludes Richard, ‘but let me just add that while this is – by virtue of the harvest – one of Nosso’s most serious incarnations, I love the wine’s rich creaminess yet am over the moon that it’s still so balanced, exact and delicate in its usual most particular way’.
One for cellaring we suggest…

Of Clandestino

Toro was even more parched last year with seriously prolonged heat and sunshine resulting in incredibly ripe fruits and complimentary floral notes which yet again necessitated early picking in order to achieve all important freshness and energy.

This new vintage has only been in bottle for a very short time so we advocate patience as it will take a little time to come out of its confined/sultry shell, shine and unwind.


We´ll wrap up by saying that 2019 has proved to be our earliest and speediest harvest ever and though our old vines have, over the decades, learnt to self regulate, production has been ever so scarce.