Lots of spring rain causing coulure during flowering (poor fruit setting), then late frosts, various hails storms and a cool summer has made for a difficult year. Luckily in this challenging year we are not beginners in the vineyard.


Veraison began incipiently in the first week of August. Summer hasn’t been as hot as other years, although the weather over the next few weeks will be critical and we predict that harvest will begin around the 8th to the 10th of September. Several weeks later than in previous years.


During the summer season, we have carried out a selective green harvest, eliminating shoots and clearing leaves that shade bunches which allows for more sun exposure and better aeration.


Spring was quite rainy but apart from a few rainy summer storms, it hasn´t rained since. In Menade we take aerial photos with a drone to understand the state of the soil, the vineyard, and hydric sources: we take into account the temperature of the atmosphere, the soil and water availability of the land to see if we have to irrigate or not.


We have adjusted irrigation to go with the moment, to reach the amount of habitual and necessary water in each season. We irrigate with between 2 and 6 litres of water per hectare per day”, explains Marco.


The person responsible for viticulture at Menade has commented that the 2021 crop will be small, as weather has not been kind and coulure occurred during flowering. Coulure is when the flowers are not pollinated or don’t set well to form bunches.


Oidium has also been present this year, although here in Menade we prevent the possible effects with natural treatments such as ozone or aromatic plant infusion.


At Menade the harvest will be no different to previous years as we always adjust the yield to 5.000 – 6.000 kg/hectare.


Cool years like this one make fine and elegant wines, with an aromatic palate, a higher acidity and a good ageing potential.


We have done our homework and are ready for a tranquil and staggered harvest.