The young wines of Bodegas Menade from the 2020 vintage are now available. This harvest will be remembered for many reasons other than climatology and viticulture, but of course it was not a straightforward year in these two areas either.

The climatic year was marked by a large amount of rain and not especially cold temperatures, conditions which enabled diseases such as mildew and powdery mildew to appear in the field, due especially to the abundant rain that fell during the spring.

Being prepared, hard preventative work in the vineyard, good management of vine foliage and the management of the yield were key for the grapes to arrive in optimal conditions to the winery.

The Sauvignons

The first wine of the 2020 vintage to come onto the market was Dulce Menade. Made with Sauvignon Blanc, it is always the first of the harvest due to its production process, in which its alcoholic fermentation is cut short by the cold.

Dulce Menade 2020 is a wine that can be enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a dessert wine. Aromas of apricots, plums with bitter touches, citrus and stone fruits stand out. In the mouth it is a wine with a great balance between the acid and the sweet, providing freshness.

In Menade Sauvignon 2020 we once again find those aromas of stone fruits and apricots, so typical of this grape variety in our area. In the mouth it is an explosive wine, the herbaceous touches and a high acidity inviting you to drink on.

Nosso 2020

There is no doubt that Nosso is a wine that marked a before and after at Menade, and has many devotees. Following the success of the 2019 harvest, in the 2020 vintage we find a natural verdeja with a great mineral sensation.

The lactic aromas, along with roasted apple, toffee and dulce de leche, as well as the volume provided by malolactic fermentation, contrast with a slight carbonic zest that makes it a wine with spark. Nosso 2020 has enough body and complexity to be enjoyed after just two or three months of aging in the bottle. And even more so in magnum format!