Preparing the soil for winter


Before the first strong frosts arrive and the vineyard team start the winter pruning, Marco analyses the soils as he does every year after harvest.


We have already had a few frosts, but mostly temperatures haven’t been too cold so the vine will begin to enter its state of vegetive rest.


This year the leaves of the vines are taking longer to fall due to substantial rainfall this autumn. This is very good for the plant as throughout this time it continues to take up reserves of water. Hence, when the new vegetive cycle begins, it will have plenty of reserves to develop and survive.


The importance of the analysis of the soils at this particular time are two fold: how many and in what condition do we find the nutrients and microorganisms.


Firstly, it is necessary to assess the state of the nutrients available to the plant (nitrogen, hydrogen) and if there is a good balance of microorganisms – known as meta genomic analysis. If these values are good, it means that the soil is healthy, in balance and implies that we have less diseases.


Secondly, he will also quantify how much of each component is present in the soil. In this way, we can decide which cover crops are the best to plant.


Furthermore, Marco is adding ozone to the vine in to clean the woody part.


Already, little time remains before the young wines of the 2021 vintage come out in the market. According to the Sanz brothers, tasting confirms that the wines are generous and aromatic with good potential for evolution.