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AEVA (Virgen extra 0,50cl)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Rodilana, 100% Manzanilla Cacereña.

Olive trees located at an approximate altitude of 700 meters, with a cold climate in winter and hot and dry in summer. These climatic characteristics make it an oil of the highest quality. Cold extraction is performed.

AEVA extra virgin olive oil comes from olives cultivated using traditional methods, under ideal climatic conditions due to its location.

The olives are milled at low temperatures, allowing for the production of exceptional oil.

Tasting notes:
Clean grass-green color. Medium intensity fruity, with a predominance of ripe notes over green ones. Reminiscent of fresh olive, grass, and fig leaf, with a predominance of white-fleshed fruits, reinette apple, banana, pear, and also ripe tomato. In the mouth, it has a sweet entry, reminiscent of olive and apple, very fresh and slightly bitter and spicy, balanced, where spiciness predominates and the aftertaste is persistent.

Gastronomic applications:
Consumed raw with green salads, cheeses, toasted bread, salmorejos, and gazpachos. Warmed with wok or steamed vegetables, and especially legumes, sauces, and dish finishes. Highly recommended for desserts with chocolate.


Physical-Chemical Parameters:
Acidity———- 0.2% w/w
Peroxides—– 7.9 meq O2/kg
Delta K———0.01
Waxes———- 39 mg/kg
Ethyl Esters—10 mg/kg


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