The fact that Verdeja is a perfect variety to produce great wines for ageing has been proven often over the years.


Acidity and alcoholic strength are the backbone for wines to stand the test of time. These parameters, accompanied by a careful and successful ageing in barrels, will guarantee the delight of great whites for many years.


We have demonstrated this with our first wine, V3 (verdejo old vines) and we continue to enjoy surprising vertical tastings. As always, the climatic characteristics of each vintage have made their mark.


The Mission took over from V3, with a more refined, elegant, saline and mineral style. We are committed to ageing in large-volume barrels and vats, as well as used oak barrels.


But if there is a wine that reaffirms that Verdeja is a noble grape, it is Sobrenatural. What makes this wine so special?


Without a doubt, its refinement.


Is it possible for a wine without the addition of sulfur to hit the market, elegant and delicious, after five years from the vintage? Of course it is.


As for the rest of our wines, the must ferments in stainless steel tanks with natural yeasts. In this case, as with Nosso, we pick the grapes a little riper than for the rest of the wines, because we look for a point of oxidation right from the vineyard.


Aging under ‘velo de flor’


For its ageing, we use used vats and barrels, which remain in Secala Menade 1820, at constant temperature and humidity. The barrels are not completely filled, so each spring a layer of flor is created in a completely natural way. Flavors and aromas that are later appreciated in the wine.


Part of Sobrenatural is made in clay jars, which have been previously made with clay from our soils.


In some of them, which are also located in the subsoil of La Seca, the layer of flor is also formed. In others, we macerate the wine with the skins,  to seek greater structure and complexity.


The fact of working with a layer of flor and with the skins helps us to avoid the use of sulphites, as they protect the wine naturally.


With all these elements and after 30 months, the magic arises. Richard is the conductor who manages to make all the instruments sound in unison. May the harmony be perfect, may it penetrate the heads of those chosen to hear it.


The wine then needs to be prepared, rounded off. For 6 months the wine impatiently awaits its release on the market and then when the time is right, you can discover Supernatural in all its splendour.