The press has already written that the harvest will be at least 15 days earlier than usual. But, did you know that if it is very hot and dry, the plant stops working? Vines close the stomas (found at back part of the leaf which permits oxygen, carbon dioxide and water to flow) and stops photosynthesis.


The forecast is that the harvest will begin around August 20th or 22nd with the Sauvignon Blanc grape, a date not very different from recent years. The field team has already started taking samples to check how the maturation is developing. At the moment, around 70% of the Sauvignon Blanc grape is already at the veraison stage while Verdeja has reached 30%.


One of the driest vintages in history


Not a drop of rain has fallen in our area for two months. Since the harvest of 2021, a rainfall of 200 liters has been calculated, and normally during the summer season another 100 liters falls, but this has not been the case this year.


Summer is scorching hot and night temperatures aren’t getting low enough either. There is a slight continentality that represents our climate so much, but the nights are still too hot.


On one hand, provided that the corresponding preventive treatments have been applied during the spring, these circumstances favour the non-appearance of fungal diseases. But, on the other hand, the vine suffers excessive stress.


The solution is none other than irrigation, and its is important when to irrigate and how much. Marco explains it in a very simple way: “if you run a marathon and hydrate yourself little by little, sip by sip, you will end it with a good feeling, you will reach the finish line well. However, if you wait until you are dehydrated to drink a lot of water at once, your body will not assimilate it in the same way and you will not finish the competition in optimal conditions. The same thing happens to the vine.


Once again, knowledge, experience, organic work, prevention and good field work are key to obtaining balanced wines.