The arrival of spring means that our fridge is filled with colour and that the organic garden of Finca Menade begins to awake.

We foodies and chefs love to delight ourselves in seasonal products: fruits and vegetables that offer their best flavor at this time of year.

That is why we want to give you 4 ideas of dishes that are made with seasonal raw material and pairings with our wines. Although ‘winocracy’ is our motto, there is no doubt that some harmonies work better than others.


The first natural Verdejo we make, Nosso, is a perfect wine to drink with vegetables. We usually recommend it with some complicated foods to accompany, such as asparagus.

But this time we advise you to pair it with a super fresh and easy to prepare dish: beetroot gazpacho and strawberries. The acidity of Nosso will combine superbly with the sweet character of the cream, which is made exactly like the traditional gazpacho, but replacing the tomato with those two ingredients.

La Misión

Asian-inspired cuisine drives us crazy. Broccoli with kimchi sauce is a dish that is quite fashionable and that is not difficult to prepare at home. You can make the sauce yourself (as long as you find the right ingredients, such as gochugaru) or buy it directly. The important thing is that the broccoli  is crispy.

One of the most interesting combinations is, without a doubt, with our Verdejo from old vines, because it has enough body and presence in the mouth to withstand strong and spicy dishes.


‘The Ones in April for me, the ones in May for the Master and the ones in June for the donkey.’  We are talking about asparagus, specifically the whites grown in Tudela de Duero, a town about 40 km from Rueda known for its exquisite orchard.

This delicacy, without any flavours, simply peeled, cooked in salty water and dressed with our  AEVA oil is perfect to eat with Sobrenatural. The oxidative character of this wine perfectly accompanies asparagus.


Another of the products of the garden that bring headaches when it comes to pairing is the artichoke. Who can resist artichokes with ham? Do not think about it and accompany them with Adorado. You’ll love the explosion of flavors in your mouth!