We’re currently in the second phase of ozone treatment: a novel process that we’ve been utilizing now for some 2 years.


We’ve also – in order to clean our soils -had our intercepas on the go.

This is basically a high tech weeder with an electro hydraulic arm that works between, in, and around our rows of vines avoiding collision and damage within a very small radius and to a depth of some 20 centimetres.


Natural Methos

We also planted mustard, which is an efficient natural way of impeding the growth of fungi and disinfecting the ground; and are nearly finished lowering the wires that will train and support the new vine shoots when they make their appearance in due course.

During the Spring our labours in the vineyards are all consuming and Marco and his team are fully occupied as Nature is in full flow and our vines fully embroiled in springing back to life heedless of pandemics and crises beyond their sphere.

Since last year’s harvest, we’ve had almost 200 litres of water per square metre – some of it in the form of surprisingly late snow. Our plants are therefore equipped with sufficient water reserves to ensure that they can continue to develop and prosper come what may.

Marco says, notwithstanding, that the 2020 cycle is looking ‘a bit weird’, given unusually high temperatures throughout February and at the beginning of March and therefore unusually advanced plant growth/development for this time of year. ‘If things continue like this,’ he adds, ‘then we might be affected big time by the late frosts and hail that normally plague us in May’.

Warm temperatures have also meant a true explosion of insect life over the last few weeks and we’re most delighted by this as paradoxical as it may seem these guys can be immensely useful in alleviating a whole series of serious pests and infestations.

Meantime, we’re also delighted to see that all manner of trees and plants are also beginning to flower albeit way before they would normally.