A tribute to tradition,…


Adorado first saw the light of day back in around 1900, when wine was a form of nourishment and the Rueda region was still full of grizzled, old time growers with plenty of stories to tell who were making a rugged living from their ancient mishmash of ancient, gnarled Verdeja and Palomino plots. It reflects their traditions, was, and is now again, made with the most severe technology of all: effectively, virtually none, other than hard, backbreaking, manual work”.


Made in a rudimentary solera system and on the basis of flor (a thin surface layer of waxy ivory coloured indigenous yeast cell foam that protects the wine from air contact and naturally constitutes itself each new vintage) every year a proportion of wine (saca) is removed from the end of a whole scale of butts (criaderas) to be replaced proportionately all along the line, such that the wine released each year – which has been oxidizing and thereby growing in colour and flavour in the intervening butts – is always identical (and thus popularly called rancio). Adorado is therefore our family’s resuscitated celebration of and tribute to our regional roots.