Menade Verdejo 2022 is here!

The harvest was early, as is the release of the young wines, which are very delicious, pleasant and round!


In warmer years, the wines are made earlier as they are less difficult to refine than in cooler vintages. Here we should also mention the good progress of spontaneous fermentations, the rapid action of the yeasts has been aided by the moderate temperatures and, of course, by the work in organic farming.


We are happy to announce that Menade Verdejo 2022 is already available! After two months of stock shortage, we are once again trying to deliver happiness in a bottle. Aromas of citrus peel on the nose, anise, lychee, green apple, fennel and grape stand out. The palate is fresh and vibrant, with ripe citrus flavors, excellent acidity and a saline background.


Sauvignon blanc wines


In the coming weeks, the young wines made from Sauvignon Blanc will also be ready for consumption. In warm years, the aromas of exotic fruits and sweet flavors are characteristic of this variety in our region. At Menade we pay special attention to ensure that the wines are a reflection of the vintage in question. We work at the mercy of nature’s designs, and nature leaves its mark on the wines.


Menade Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of pear, yellow flowers, stone fruit and Galia melon. On the palate it is voluminous, with juicy fruit, where banana and ripe grapefruit stand out with a balanced acidity.


As usual, Dulce Menade 2022 presents a good balance between its natural sweetness and acidity. On the nose, hints of water pear, passion fruit, apricot, custard apple and rose petals. The palate is pleasantly textured with stone fruit and ripe banana on the finish.


However, if what you like are wines with tension, and you are looking for more complexity in a white wine for cellaring, La Misión 2020 is undoubtedly your wine. It was released a few weeks ago and its reception has been spectacular… Refined, vertical, saline… The proof that Verdejo is a great grape variety.