New Vintages of Clandestino, Sobrenatural and Adorado


The next few weeks will see the release of new vintages of our Clandestino Tinto (2018), Sobrenatural (2015) together with the second saca of Adorado.


Clandestino Tinto 2018


Made from Tempranillo/aka Tinta de Toro, Clandestino Tinto is natural wine with absolutely zero sulphur is designed for enjoyment when young given its youthful fruity exuberance.


2018 was by no means a vintage characterized by high temperatures at any point during the annual cycle and so the berries ripened slowly and there were no fungus related problems. The harvest was therefore a tad later than usual, in late September; and, as ever, fermentation kicked off naturally on the basis of   natural yeasts albeit with a slightly longer maceration than usual – this time of around of 4 days.


The resulting wine is accordingly super fresh and easy to drink with abundant primary fruits, a profusion of red berry fruits and we think that it’s delightful slightly chilled.


Sobrenatural 2015


Despite some 30 months in large, old French oak butts and a 6 month mull in bottle, though similar to its more opulent 2014 forerunner, Sobrenatural 2015 is altogether finer and more elegant.  Delicate fennel notes (characteristic of the Verdejo variety) predominate over an attractive slightly oily sweetness imparted by the time it spends on its lees and its distinct contrasty surface salinity.




Having re-activated in our tranquil 19th century underground La Seca cellar as of 2018 the longstanding and temporarily abandoned family solera system produced wines once upon a time so typical of our region  – neglected since around 1967 – we’re powering on and exceptionally keen  that everyone be aware of the unique character and qualities of this old-style yet rejuvenated offering that goes totally against modern trends yet will without doubt resonate with a younger audience now just waking up to the glories of similar oxidative offerings from quirky producers in such regions as Montilla-Moriles or Jerez.


Our new release (Adorado 2019) incorporates some 1 to 2% of combined Verdejo and Palomino Fino and will be out this Spring.