On-line Tastings/Training/Info + Education


Given the unfortunate, ever graver spread of the wretched Coronavirus and with so many of us duly confined, we’re pleased to offer you a selection of upbeat online options.

By the same token we’re sorry to say that for the time being all visits have been put on temporary hold.

Equally, despite an ambitious series of road shows and events both domestic and international, given circumstances, these look increasingly in doubt.

Our imminent schedule – in theory – is/was as follows:

Domestic: Cantabria, northern Catalonia, Mallorca & Jerez (Vinoble)

International: Holland, Eire, Quebec, France (Paris + the Alps) & Belgium
We are, however optimistic and life affirming so offer the possibility of keeping you all up to speed re what we are doing/where we’re at, and in these times of confinement would be more than delighted to stage customized streaming events for any of you that might find this useful – so please get in touch as life very much continues!